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Cobra Kayaks

The secret to great kayaking whether you are an experienced “yakker” or simply seeking family fun, is to choose the right kayak for you and your paddling needs.

With a wide range of  Kayaks built up over 20 years of cutting edge design and pioneering kayak building technology, Cobra has one of the largest premium recreational kayak ranges in the world.

2015 sees the further release of the Cobra Superlightweight (SLS) series, a revolutionary new technology which combines the traditional toughness of polyethylene hulls with the lightness of premium boats

To help find the right kayak for you we have split our range into three broad categories:

  • Surf and Fun: The four kayaks in this group range from the Play for younger or smaller paddlers  up through the size range to the best selling Tandem. We have the size and style to fit your needs all offering great value for money
  • Fishing. The big new wave in kayaking. Cobra offers a range of four models especially set up for fishing and diving, with the flexibility to further customise to meet your fishing needs.
  • Touring. Whether you are looking for long-range paddling or a good day “out there”, Cobra’s two Touring kayaks provide fast paddling and massive storage for your gear. Look for the two new ultra-lites in our touring range later in 2013.

In addition to our standard range above, Cobra’s specialist division features  high performance surfing kayaks and competition boats that can be ordered on demand direct from our factory. Check out our SP (Special Performance) page.

Our product and accessory pages let you choose from the large optional accessory range to further customise your kayak.

Click on our Cobra Club site and see and read about the experiences of dedicated Cobra kayakers from around the globe. Follow the links  to our “how to” videos to see how to rig your cobra kayak for different purposes.