Fish ‘n’ Dive

Standard fit out:  10″ Multi-Hatch, 4 x Rod Holders, Transducer ready scupper, Gear straps, Paddle clips, Paddle leash, Bungees

Recommended accessories (Featured): Large rectangular hatch, additional 10″ Hatch. Other options: Cobra paddle

The Aquatx Cobra design team have combined a modified deck with the stable hull design of the Aquatx Tandem and created the Aquatx Cobra Fish n’ Dive multi-platform fishing kayak. Ideal for day fishing, the kayak features one centrally located seat and a smaller reverse companion jump seat near the bow for another passenger or additional gear. There is no other kayak on the market this size that offers as much storage space. A large well is located in the stern and holds up to three tanks. Scuba divers love this unique arrangement that allows for heavy loads and provides a stable exit and re-entry platform.

The Cobra Fish ‘n Dive is designed to handle loads of up to 272kgs. The perfect toy for big boys who love fish but want the comfort and stability of a larger kayak – but one that also paddles well.

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